Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Next Generation and the F Word

I'm not stupid, I know nearly every show out there uses the F word but I was kind of turned off when two characters on Star Trek Discovery used the F word. In Star Trek? I laughed and laughed. 

It is supposed to be futuristic. Do they really think we will still be using the F word in hundreds of years time. I seriously doubt it. It is a bit like one of the characters turning dramatically to another and saying, "Oh by God's bones, we have a plasma coolant leak!" 

In the middle ages, "by God's bone" was vulgar, but it sounds so stupid now. I'm guessing in a few hundred years the F word will sound stupid and old-fashioned too. Hey I may be wrong, after all fart has endured for hundreds and hundreds of years and shit has been around for a while.

It just sounded so wrong and weird and un-trekkish. But maybe the fractious crew members needed to swear a little to hold the audience. They certainly didn't need to do that for Star Trek Next Generation.

It was just strange how stupid this use of profanity actually sounded in a futuristic setting.

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