Watched the entire Clone Wars, Mandalorian and starting on Rebels.

My son left home today to study Architecture at Uni in Brisbane. I miss him already. Before he left we watched The Mandalorian and the entire series of The Clone Wars. Then last night we started watching Star Wars Rebels. Now I'm torn between binge-watching the rest of the series or waiting for when he might come home in holidays or for the occasional weekend. 

We have such similar taste in books/tv/movies. He is my guinea-pig when I write a new book. He loves my upcoming series for middle grade kids and was the first person to read it when I completed the first draft. Even though he is now a young adult, he still loves the series and re-reads it occasionally, even as I edit and make changes ready for release.

Now I need to find a publisher. Better still, I need to find the child of a publisher. I wish that the people receiving submissions for middle-grade books would just hand them to their kids and say, "Read this and let me know what you think.". 


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