Paper books and e-books. Horses for courses.

Paper books and e-books. Horses for courses.

·        Pros:    
o   So many books available, wherever you are, whatever mood you are in.
o   Books are relatively cheap if you buy them from somewhere like Amazon.
o   Extremely easy to inspect a book, and to buy it and download it. You can have your book in seconds.
o   Great to read on an electronic device. You can set your text size, background colour, light-dark, font type, etc.
o   You can read in bed whilst your partner sleeps, without the light on!
o   You can still read paper books. Reading some books on your e-device doesn’t stop you also reading paper books.
o   On Amazon, you can keep your eye out for 99c books and free books. Even the most popular books will have specials, deals where the price is dropped, or even free promotions.

·        Cons:   
o   If you are camping in the bush with no power, your book can suddenly run out of charge.
o   It hurts a lot more if you fall asleep and your ‘book’ slams into your face.

Not so many years ago I despised everything about electronic books. I love paper books. The feel, the smell, the experience of reading the book, turning the pages, marking my place before drifting off to sleep. Or even drifting off to sleep and waking suddenly as the book smacked into my nose.

I was chatting away on an email list for the fans one of my favourite authors, and we got onto the subject of paper vs e-books. A fellow fan who was very much pro-e-books noted, “When I go camping, I take hundreds of books with me.”.

Tantalising! I immediately downloaded the free Kindle app on my mini iPad and on my iPhone, bought a bunch of books and went camping. I don’t need much of an excuse to go camping.

One of the best reading choices I ever made. Now I do both. I read paper and e-books, depending on where I am and what I am doing. Horses for courses.

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