One man's comedy is another man's tragedy.

One man's comedy is another man's tragedy.

Even our own misfortune can be a source of humour. Finding humour in misadventure is one of the great Australian pastimes. Who hasn’t sat around the campfire and laughed with friends about some disastrously calamitous incident in their past. I got out of bed one night because I heard one of my kids cry. Now I know my way around my own house, so why bother turning on a light? Unfortunately, the nickers I was wearing lost their elasticity and chose that dark moment to hit the floor. I staggered sideways, grasping for something to steady myself. My hand shot across the duchess, sending a cascade of ornaments and junk flying across the room, smashing onto the floor. I lurched back towards the dark doorway and smashed the middle of my forehead into the half open door. As a flurry of stars swirled around my head, I managed to reel out into the corridor where my foot landed smack on one of my kids’ toy cars. The car shot down the hallway and smashed into the wall. When I finally gathered my senses, and made it to my kids’ room… they were both sound asleep.

Having a really bad day? Everything going wrong? Never fear, next time you go camping you can tell someone about it. Chances are in a few weeks’ time it will be comedy.


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