The Fantasy Map

I love a good map attached to a Fantasy novel. There is nothing like being able to follow the trail of a great character's adventure. 

Here is the map of Roub-Talum for my soon-to-be-released series for Middle Grade. 

The first book in the series, The Shadow Village, accelerates dramatically as teenager Elora unexpectedly finds herself in Roub-Talum, where invaders from the adjacent land of Bioraliss have usurped the throne she never knew was hers. Readers can follow the trail of adventure and misadventure as Elora faces insurmountable peril.

The blurb...

From a farmhouse to the forefront of war, the world will never be the same for Elora when she finds a strange diary and key. With its peculiar and mysterious powers, Elora finds herself able to travel through worlds, and her date with destiny, and her royal past, is set. Elora begins a dangerous journey to learn the secrets of her past and to reclaim her rightful place on the throne.

In The Shadow Village, the first instalment in the Ruby Key Series, the kingdom of Roub-Talum has fallen under the control of the Foreigner, an evil usurper from a distant land, whose obsessive desire to have dominion over the people of Roub-Talum creates mayhem with lethal consequences to those who oppose him. Action-packed, thrilling, and full of surprises, The Shadow Village is a brilliant introduction to the complex and vibrant world of Roub-Talum. The harrowing journey of Elora and her companion Eibhear moves deftly between adventure and amour, the perfect blend of danger and daydream. Enthralling and pure magic, The Shadow Village will quench the thirst of fantasy-lovers everywhere.

Not long after the events of The Shadow Village, the dust has barely settled from their final battle with the Foreigner, before Elora, Eibhear, and her loyal company set off for a tour of the kingdom. Intending to survey the damages and restoration of her many villages and cities, Elora stumbles headlong into the underbelly of Roub-Talum when she is kidnapped by bandits. Now back in the crosshairs of the Foreigner and his shadowy spies, Elora, Eibhear and all her friends must band together once again to seek out the Foreigner and reclaim her stolen diary.

In this second instalment of the Ruby Key Series, follow your favourite rag tag band of heroes as they face the wrath of the Foreigner’s revenge. Captivating and full of adventure, The Foreigner’s Revenge is the unapologetically fast-paced follow-up you can’t help but devour. Complete with intrigue, love, shipwrecks, and characters guaranteed to delight. Will Elora and company untangle themselves from the Foreigner’s web? How far will they go to free Roub-Talum from the revenge of a madman? Find out what fate has in store for Elora when things go from bad to worse in The Foreigner’s Revenge.

Trapped in an alternate world with their backs against the wall, Elora’s faithful crew is running out of options. With the aid of the Foreigner’s own traitorous son, the heroes of Roub-Talum must fight their way back to their beloved kingdom before the cruel hand of fate closes in around them. Fraught with danger, the threat of execution, and teeming with bandits, there is only one thing that can be certain: in Bioraliss, no one can be trusted.

Return to Roub-Talum at the turning of the tides in Lost in Bioraliss. Deep in enemy territory and facing insurmountable odds, Elora and her loyal companions must team up with the local resistance to restore the true rulers and save the kingdom from the brink of destruction. Will they make it home in time, or will the Foreigner find them first? Does the young Queen have what it takes to protect her people and secure the kingdom’s future? Strap in for this stunning instalment of the Ruby Key Series as your favourite heroes make their journey home to prepare for war. Don’t miss a minute of the thrilling climactic tale as duty meets destiny on the field of battle.


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