Reminds me of science fiction or early mythical people.

As a writer, you are going to have to live with both positive and negative reviews. Regardless of how good your work is, someone won't like it. They will give you a bad review.

At this point, you choose how you are going to react. Do you get cross and post a reply explaining why the reader is wrong? Bad idea! The reader is entitled to their opinion and entitled to share it and it makes the author sound immature, petulant and unprofessional. So unless they write something terribly incorrect personally/racially/religiously, like "DA O'Sullivan writes like a blonde", then suck it up and move on.

The best choice is to learn from people's reviews. In amongst a bunch of great reviews on my first trilogy, I received a couple of bad ones. To be honest, I learnt more from those bad reviews than I did from the good ones. Don't get me wrong, I much prefer all the positive reviews, but reading through those couple of bad reviews helped me to make plans on what NOT to do when writing my next series. So they were in fact, quite helpful.

Sometime you just need a sense of humour. My books are Fantasy Adventure/Sci-fi, leaning towards Historical Mythology.  My funniest review is a negative one that reads, "Reminds me of science fiction or early mythical people." 

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