Middle Grade or Young Adult?

A lot of new authors hesitate when it comes to categorising their books. Are they middle grade or are they young adult? Well, middle grade books are generally suitable for children from about 8 - 12 years, and young adult suits ages 13 - 18. A lot of children are reading more complicated books at an earlier age. So in many cases, even if your book is young adult, you will find there will be children in the middle grade category who will read it. So what are the limitations of middle grade? Middle grade novels should have no sexuality, no profanity and no graphic violence. The author might still comment that a character 'cursed under his breath' or show how one character has strong feelings or love towards another, so light romance without straying into sexuality is fine. In a passage where a violent situation occurs, a middle grade author will refrain from giving graphic, horrific details of the event but still convey to the reader the event/situation. When choosing the age category for your books, have a good look at your content, and also consider the age of your protagonist and their activities.

 Young Adult /  Adult Fantasy Trilogy by Dan O'Sullivan (Available on Amazon)

Middle Grade Fantasy Trilogy by Danielle O'Sullivan (Coming Soon!)


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